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I only just realized this week that I am enrolled in no less than four different online courses, and this is really strange considering that I've never taken an online course before and only one month ago, I wasn't enrolled in any.


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...and play.

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tl;dr I'm really enjoying taking these classes. They have so far been high-quality and instructive, I feel like I'm actually learning something, and I'm pleased with my choices because they're classes in subjects that I really need help with.
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One of my friend's Facebook posts is really popular right now, and I don't really understand why everyone agrees with her. She's gotten tons of likes (40 or so). I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now, and I just don't get it. Now, I'm pretty clueless socially and emotionally, so maybe that's the problem. I'd love any insight into this that anyone would like to provide.

I've put this behind cuts. The first cut is my description of the post and my thoughts and questions about it, and the second cut is the text of the actual post and responses.

Thoughts and discussion:

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The actual post and thread:

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I just wanted to post what my husband said about the episode last night as we were talking about it.

"The more I think about it, the more I think it was a great episode. This probably isn't the best recommendation, but I didn't get angry once through the whole thing! That hasn't happened for two seasons now. This might have been the best episode since Capaldi started. Yeah, I know, Mummy was great, but even with that, oooo, Clara just completely ruined it. Thinking about it still makes me mad now. It could be that this episode was wonderful simply because for the first time, she wasn't there, but I don't think that's the only thing. The Doctor was fantastic. Maybe one of Capaldi's best performances. And that guy, Nardole? He was great! You know, with the new season, we're going to have to go through all of the teaching the companion about the universe, but this guy, he already knows the Doctor and worked with him perfectly. That one line, where he goes, "Oh, that smile! I don't like that smile!" He knows what that smile means. Yeah, the romance plot, that was pretty meh, but the superhero part was fine. Oh, but the Doctor was awesome and it just made the episode. And that Clara wasn't there making it all about her. But the Doctor!"
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Ever had something a dream recur and you can't figure out why? I just had this little snippet in a dream last night that I've seen maybe six or seven times over the last few years and it's just puzzling.

This is it in its entirety: I look down at my left index finger, then with my right hand, I grab the fingertip (index finger on the outside of the joint, thumb next to the finger nail), apply a bit of pressure and pop! The fingertip comes off. It is neither bloody nor painful. The fingertip (the distal phalanx, if one must be precise) is concave where it used to be connected to the finger, and the remaining part of the finger is smooth skin, like my father's fingers used to be (he had an accident which lopped off the ends of two fingers, long before I was born). It's a mild curiosity, and then I replace the fingertip on the finger, and it's fine - there's not even a line where they fit together.

It's just one part of a larger dream (not the same dream each time, just a dream), but I don't ever remember anything else about the dream, just that one little scene with the finger. Often, after I wake up, for an hour or so, I compulsively check my finger to see if I can get it to pop off again (because wouldn't that be cool?).

Weird, wacky stuff.
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It's kind of sad that my husband came in my room today after my nap (I have a cold) and said, "Hey, let's go watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. It's available now, isn't it?" because I had completely forgotten. So we went and watched it, and here are my thoughts on it.

The tl;dr version is that it was pretty good. It was certainly better than any of the last three years's offerings, but it doesn't rank among the best. I will certainly watch it again sometime, though I don't know when.

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I'm not much of a Christmas celebrant (though I'm also not a Donna, with her "I hate Christmas"), but I figured, why not repost my Doctor Who Christmas carols? Here's the full list:

Should I post them to dwfiction or doctorwho? I've already posted them once to dwfiction, two years ago, and I don't know if I'm allowed to repeat.
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...because I really don't see how I will survive having to refer to music notes as semibreves, minims, crotchets, quavers, semiquavers, demisemiquavers, and hemidemisemiquavers.

No, really. "Hemidemisemiquavers"???

How in the world is this easier than whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, thirty-second, and sixty-fourth notes? How is a whole note a semi-anything?

When their music makes sense, then I shall reconsider.
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Following in the great tradition of [ profile] lost_spook and [ profile] romanajo123, I've signed up for Gen Prompt Bingo! My card looks positively wonderful. Wish me luck on actually completing!

Thanks much to [ profile] louisedennis for doing all the work!

(No, I don't know how to link to Dreamwidth communities. Sorry!)

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Today, I wore my "Day of the Doctor" t-shirt to work.

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I am at work today, doing my duty, despite the fact that open casting calls for extras for DT's new movie are going on in Portland right now. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is!

I mentioned this to my boss, to let him know just how loyal I am, and he said, "Why in the world are you still here?"

In other news, this came up on my husband's FB "On This Day": his status from one year ago today.

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And then me just thinking out loud...

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"Power of the Daleks" in 1.5 hours! Eee!
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What better way to stop my depressing journal posts than a meme? I've yoinked this from [ profile] lost_spook. I would really love any suggestions of characters to talk about it.

Give me a character and I'll tell you my:

First impression
Impression now
Favorite moment
Idea for a story
Unpopular opinion
Favorite relationship
Favorite headcanon

Please note: You can suggest any character but if it's outside Doctor Who, I may not know it. If I don't, I'll choose a similar character from a non-DW universe that I do know.
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...or at least as close to an approximation of normal as things can be.

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Nov. 9th, 2016 07:17 am
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It really is my fault for expecting a different outcome.

I've lived all my life among family and friends who've never truly partook of the celebrity culture. Sure, we have our idols who we love simply because they are master entertainers (and, oh, let me tell you, it embarrasses me to think what my idol must be thinking about us now), but we've always understood that celebrity does not necessarily equate to intelligence or morality.

I've lived all my life in areas of mixed race and high education, places where the color of your skin or the amount of money in your pocket doesn't matter because it becomes quickly apparent that it's really the facility of the brain and the contents of the heart that makes a person.

I've lived all my life among people who didn't care how your flesh was shaped between your legs. My mother and all of my aunts - both sides of the family - had college degrees in the 40s and 50s, and all had careers. For me and my sister, going to college and then on to graduate work wasn't a privilege - it was natural. We work alongside our male colleagues without any thought of who might be limited because of their gender.

I've lived all my life with true freedom of religion. My mother wanted me to find God, and she let me look. She was Methodist, but she encouraged me to explore and find my own beliefs, my own morality. I mostly studied Christianity, but I looked into other belief systems. Most of all, she accepted my decision in the end. Among my extended family, we have Christians of many denominations, Buddhists, Shinto, agnostics, atheists, and even one Jewish member - and it's never mattered once. Belief stayed free.

However, what I've really never had is any real experience in the way the other side lives, and that's my fault. All these things I take for granted, they're not the norm for most people, and I knew that, but I think I didn't know that. That's why this whole election has terrified me. It scared me that we ever got into the situation where a sociopathic fascist could hope to gain the presidency of this country, and now I'm terrified that he has actually attained it.

I just don't understand how this happened.

How did we get to the point where people idolize a man's celebrity so much, they're willing to support him even though every word out of his mouth demonstrates his self-interest and lack of conscience and intelligence?

Why do the Christians who voted for him believe in a man who espouses practices diametrically opposite those that Christ urged his followers to adopt?

How in the world did a man get elected on a platform of hate and egomania?

I suppose if I've learned anything today, it's that this country hasn't grown up, hasn't learned its lessons from history and matured into a society of respect and love. I should have already known that, of course - the fact that we're still arguing over whose taxes should pay for our infrastructure and children's education is a red flag right there - but this just drives it home. People are so afraid that the simple presence of someone next door is going to ruin their lives rather than make everyone's lives better, that they're willing to listen to a man who tells them that the solution is to kill them all.

I'm in the minority, in every way you categorize my life - I'm a female, Asian, college-educated atheist - and I'm terrified. I'm terrified to walk out of my door this morning, because I'm visibly different. I'm terrified of what might happen to my husband, who is a white male of Mediterranean descent, which means he looks Latino or Arabic at a glance. I'm terrified of what will happen over the next four years, as walls are built to protect the white male hegemony with the blessing of the American people.

I just don't understand. How did we get here?
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This morning, during breakfast, my husband and I talked about Doctor Who, as is our wont. We decided to look through the episode lists of series 1-7 to see which episodes we can just sit down and watch and enjoy. Of course there are episodes we don't like and watch very rarely (if ever), but there's also a chunk of them that we don't watch for various reasons. For example, we tend to avoid multi-part episodes because of the mistaken belief that we don't want to devote that much time in front of the TV. This is stupid, of course. I will go, "Oh, I don't want to devote the time to watch HN/FoB even though it's my favorite episode, so I'll just put in Pompeii", then four hours later, after I've just chain-watched through most of series 4, smack myself for not just watching HN/FoB like I wanted to. I'm really stupid sometimes.

But I digress.

There are also episodes that we don't watch for other reasons. Despite it being my second-favorite episode, I've only actually seen "Midnight" twice because it's just too intense. Anyway, my husband pulled out his phone and read off the names of the episodes from the Wikipedia article. And then this snippet of conversation happened.

Him: Oh, "Doomsday"! That's a great episode, not even counting Rose getting punted. I mean, that was a pure bonus, but even without it, that was good!

A little later, we started talking about the ideal show we envisioned, if we could change things magically.

Me: I wish that Eccleston did a second season. I'd have him do two seasons, even if that meant that Tennant only got two, because I certainly don't want Tennant under Moffat.
Him: No, I think I'd rather insert a second season of Eccleston, rather than take one of Tennant's.
Me: But think about it. Two seasons of Nine and Rose, and Rose leaves with him, leaving Ten with Martha and Donna. That would be perfect.
Him: (thinks) That's interesting. But no, I wouldn't touch Tennant.
Me: I would.
Him: (rolls eyes)

We finally decided on an extra season of Eccleston and a second season of Ten and Donna, though I suppose by the end of that, RTD would just be a burned-out husk. Sorry, Russell THE Davies.
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A friend of ours who we haven't seen in a while contacted us on Facebook and asked if we wanted to go see Doctor Strange last night, so we did.

The tl;dr version is that it was a decent movie, but disappointing in a lot of ways, and while we eventually will buy the blu-ray, it won't be until the price comes down. (That's how you can tell how much we enjoy a movie - how fast we'll buy the blu-ray and how much we'll pay for it. Deadpool was on pre-order. Thor: Dark World was purchased after the price came down. We'll never buy Iron Man 2 or Iron Man 3, and probably will never buy Doctor Who series 8 and 9.) But I'd say see it - you'll probably like it more than I did. Be sure to stay for BOTH post-credit scenes.

Spoilers behind the cut.

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Nov. 3rd, 2016 09:46 am
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I've decided to be honest with myself and not attempt NaNoWriMo this year.

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On my Facebook feed yesterday, there was a discussion between two friends-of-friends (I don't know either person directly) about Donald Trump: one was pro and the other was anti. It was a civil discussion, but one bit bothered me a lot.

The anti person mentioned something about Trump being racist, and in the pro person's reply, she said this: "I don't think Trump is racist, though he has made some comments that have made me cringe. I don't think he made them in a racist mindset - he was just stating his beliefs."

Is that what people think? That you're only racist if you consciously think, "I'm going to be racist right now"? Because it sounds to me like that's what this woman thinks: that when Mr. Trump makes a comment denigrating a group of people based on their skin color or place of origin, he truly believes what he's saying, that these people are inferior, but because he's not thinking "I'm racist" at the time, it's okay, he's not racist.

Maybe that's the problem: people don't think they're racist because racism is rooted in their beliefs and is not just something you do when you decide to do it. Fixing it requires evaluating what you believe, recognizing that blackness in your soul, and working to change it, and all three steps are increasingly difficult. It's so much easier to just rationalize the problem away, to convince yourself that you're not that bad because you're not intending to be.
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Introducing my new Funko Pop! mod - DI Alec Hardy! Pic and description under the cut.

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Are you excited for the new Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, coming out next month? We are! My husband especially. He just cannot wait! He was talking about it today with a coworker, and this is what he said.

"It's a brutal world. Your Pokémon love beating each other up. Supposedly, fighting until you faint increases your bond between you and your master somehow? And you have to catch Pokemon just before they "faint" (air quotes). Because apparently, you can't just pick up unconscious Pokemon and stuff them into Pokéballs. And the world they created! You know, there are no other animals in the Pokemon world. They're all Pokémon. So, yummy steak? You're eating a Pokémon.

"Every game is the same. You're a kid living with your mother, and when you're ten years old, you're handed a murder animal and leave home to go out and beat up other people's animals. You step into the tall grass and BOOM! You're attacked by a violent beast. You meet a pair of little twin girls, with bows in their hair and they have their cute little animals, and you beat them into the ground. Then, in Pokémon Silver, you can ask for a rematch. So you go back to the twin girls and you beat them up again and take their twelve dollars."

Woohoo! Looking forward to all that wonderful pre-adolescent murder and mayhem!

No, really, I am. I love the Pokémon games. I just try not to think too hard about them.

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