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Introducing my new Funko Pop! mod - DI Alec Hardy! Pic and description under the cut.

Broadchurch is certainly not the kind of show that spawns merchandise, so I had to make my own DI Hardy Pop. I used the head from Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) pretty much straight from the guillotine - I drybrushed the hair to add a bit of red, as Hardy's hair is pretty ginger in the sunlight. I wanted the scruff to be darker, but I'm not confident enough in my color mixing to do that. The body is from Harvey Bullock (Gotham), and it needed a complete repaint.

Probably the most difficult part of making one of these mods is the reconnection of the two body parts. The bottom of the head is a disk through which the neck piece is thrust. In the case of the DI here, the disk curved, making it difficult to fit back into the bottom of the head, so I had to glue it back into place, and it still doesn't fit correctly. This is making the shoulders fit snugly against the head, so it can't actually turn like it is supposed to.

All in all, the process took about three hours, mostly for the painting. During this time, I got a couple of choice comments off as my husband asked me what I was doing, with answers of "Slopping paint on Tennant's crotch" (yes, he asked at exactly the right time) and then later, when I was about to reconnect the pieces, "Heating up Tennant's head." I'm not sure I'll be allowed to do any more crafts ever again.

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