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Are you excited for the new Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, coming out next month? We are! My husband especially. He just cannot wait! He was talking about it today with a coworker, and this is what he said.

"It's a brutal world. Your Pokémon love beating each other up. Supposedly, fighting until you faint increases your bond between you and your master somehow? And you have to catch Pokemon just before they "faint" (air quotes). Because apparently, you can't just pick up unconscious Pokemon and stuff them into Pokéballs. And the world they created! You know, there are no other animals in the Pokemon world. They're all Pokémon. So, yummy steak? You're eating a Pokémon.

"Every game is the same. You're a kid living with your mother, and when you're ten years old, you're handed a murder animal and leave home to go out and beat up other people's animals. You step into the tall grass and BOOM! You're attacked by a violent beast. You meet a pair of little twin girls, with bows in their hair and they have their cute little animals, and you beat them into the ground. Then, in Pokémon Silver, you can ask for a rematch. So you go back to the twin girls and you beat them up again and take their twelve dollars."

Woohoo! Looking forward to all that wonderful pre-adolescent murder and mayhem!

No, really, I am. I love the Pokémon games. I just try not to think too hard about them.
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