Jun. 18th, 2016

shivver: (Rory)
I just thought about this, and just wanted to see what you'd answer. What's your Doctor Who dream, meaning, if there's one thing associated with the show that you could do, what would it be? Three rules:

  • It must be related in some way to DW (including expanded universe), even tangentially. So, if you wanted to have dinner with David Morrissey, that fits, as he did appear on the show.
  • It must be possible. As far as we know, anyway, so no "become the Doctor's companion" (unless you can prove that it's possible, in which case, we are all coming with you). "Play the Doctor's companion" is possible.
  • It must be something you haven't done before. So, I can't answer, "Meet Peter Davison", because I already have done so.

So, what's your dream? Think about it and be wild! It could be anything! Write an episode? Direct an episode? Become best friends with Peter Capaldi? Re-write and re-shoot the end of season 4 so that Donna doesn't get her mind wiped? ;) Destroy all copies of "Time-Flight" in the world so that we can claim it never existed? Discover a perfect copy of "The Highlanders"? (Oh, please please please!) Let's hear it!

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