May. 16th, 2016

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Just listened to "Technophobia" and I'm bouncing around the room, grinning from ear to ear. No story spoilers, but a few mentions of non-spoilerific things follow.

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The three-episode collection comes with a number of extras: music tracks for the episodes, a set of "Behind the Scenes" discussions, and a set of "The Audio Adventures of Doctor Who" tracks that I have no idea what they are. Unfortunately, they didn't come with the scripts, like many of the audios now do. I wish I had the time to transcribe these, but I know I'll never do it.

Time to go to sleep so that I can wake up early tomorrow and listen to "Time Reaver" before work.
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...and I had a wonderful time. I think "Death and the Queen" is the best by far. Non-spoilerific reviews later. Somehow, I'm supposed to actually do work for the rest of the day without running back to listen to them again.
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... because I really enjoyed the audios that much.

Non-spoilerific reviews below.

"Time Reaver"

Time Reaver )

"Death and the Queen"

Death and the Queen )

A general vaguely spoilerific comment...

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And a non-spoilerifc comment...

And a non-spoilerifc comment... )

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